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Lineman Power Line interview questions

Lineman Power Line interview questions for Behavioral interview:
How long do you plan on staying with us?
What appeals to you most about this vacancy?
How do you best motivate others?
Tell me one thing about yourself you wouldn't want me to know.
In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our company?
What would your ideal career position be?
Your resume suggests that you may be over-qualified for this position.

Lineman Power Line interview questions for General job interview:
Did you have any part-time jobs while you were going to school?
Who was your best boss and who was the worst?
Why are you leaving your current position?
Have you ever opted to resign from a position? Why?
What are the biggest issues facing our industry and company today?
Tell me about a time when you used your creativity to overcome a problem.
What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it?

Lineman Power Line interview questions for Panel job interview:
- What do you do when priorities change quickly?
- What do you think of your previous boss?
- How many Lineman Power Line projects do you work on at once?
- What is your personal mission statement?
- Describe a situation when you had to convince others.
- Give me an example when you felt you were able to motivate a group.
- What's most important to you in a Lineman Power Line position?

Lineman Power Line interview questions for Phone interview:
What do you expect to learn from this job, that you're not currently getting?
What will your last supervisor tell me are your two strongest areas?
What two to three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction?
Which areas of your work are most often praised?
Will you take a psychological examination as a condition of employment?
What are your short range objectives?
What volunteer work do you do or have you done in the past?

Difficult Lineman Power Line interview questions:
What is the thing you most hate in life?
What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?
Can you summarize the contribution you would make to our organization?
What is your energy level like? Describe a typical day.
Would you go there again? Where would you go instead?
Do you have education or training relevant to this position?
What is the most difficult adjustment you have ever had to make?

Lineman Power Line interview questions for Group interview:
- What are your strengths?
- How do you handle problems with customers?
- Why did you choose your major?
- What have you gained from your Lineman Power Line work experiences?
- What have you learned from your mistakes?
- Give me an example of when you involved others in making a decision.
- Why are you leaving your present job?


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